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Dr. S. K. Choudhary, Senior Consultant, Neurology.

                                                     ( Batra Hospital & MRC )

                         Is  Organising


A Free Awareness Camp on Epilepsy & Insomnia (“Sleeplessness”)


Epilepsy is a neurological condition that produces brief involuntary episodes of disturbances in the normal electrical functions of the brain. Epilepsy can affects people of all age, sex, caste, nation, race and all walks of life.   

Epilepsy can be precipitated by insomnia (sleeplessness).





Symptoms and Signs of Epilepsy

·         Episodes of blank staring in children

·         Convulsion with or without fever

·         Sudden falls in a child for no apparent reason

·         Periods of blackout or confused memory

·         Episodes of lack of attention and poor studies in children

·         Episodes of blinking/ chewing inappropriately

·         Episodes of transient twitching of face/ limb muscles

·         Episodes of transient tingling and numbness in face /hand/ legs

·         Sudden fainting

·         “Fainting spells" with Incontinence

·         Episodes of abnormal behavior or speech

·         Sudden jerks leading to spillage of tea/ water

·         Coloured flashes of light 

·         Night terrors or other Sleep disorders




Insomnia is a sleep Disorder. Insomnia is "difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep, or both" Common Causes are: anxiety, stress, poor sleep hygiene, Shift working, drugs etc.

Rare causes include Hormonal, infections & some Neurological diseases.

Insomnia is treatable!







D-683, Ground Floor, C. R. Park. New Delhi – 110019


Sunday 23rd August, 2009, 9 am To 1 pm


For Details and Prior Registration: 
   Please Contact
: Mr. Mayukh Bose, Mobile: 9818147523

e-mail: bose.mayukh@gmail.com


“Accept Epilepsy , Treat Insomnia”